How does Decorative Concrete Systems of Virginia
turn ordinary concrete into extraordinary surfaces?

It begins with your first consultation with us. We listen to your ideas and help you choose a terrific pattern in keeping with how the surface will be used, the look you desire, and a color scheme that will complement the surrounding aesthetics. Then we go to work for you.

First we mark off the area.

Shape and Design.

  Our concrete artisans consider your surface’s foot traffic, vehicular traffic and any drainage aspects when planning the design.

Then, like an artist facing a blank canvas, we sketch or use water-based spray paint to lay out the area to be stamped. Once the project has been approved, the area is dug out or filled in as required, and forms are set in place.

Preparing for the concrete.

Concrete Mix.

  We know you want your concrete to last for years, so we pour it 4-6" thick, 3500 psi, and reinforce it with fiberglass, wire mesh and rebar. Your chosen color is mixed right in with the concrete.

Designs that make sense. We carefully finish it off with bull-floating and hand trowels. Sometimes a color hardener may be hand-troweled in to lend more depth to the pattern, depending on any antiquing and enhancements desired.

Intricate stamped patterns.


Now it’s time to stamp the concrete. We apply a liquid or powder release to the overall area to prevent the stamps from sticking. Gradually and with utmost care, we stamp the concrete until the full pattern begins to emerge. The release settles in the grooves and lines, helping to bring out the pattern’s own characteristic look. Wood plank is a good example of how release gives this effect. Finally, the concrete is acid washed to remove any excess release.

Stunning walkway will withstand years of rugged use.

The Finished Product.

  Your stamped concrete is ready for you to show off and enjoy! Maintenance is easy. Just sweep away surface dirt, and hose or rinse off occasionally. You never have to worry about waxing. Then, depending on traffic, give us a call about once every year or two and we’ll come back out to reseal your concrete to keep it looking its best.
Which pattern will you choose?
What colors will enhance your décor?

Give us a call today!